Nurturing children’s curiosity, enabling them to excel by acquiring knowledge and skills, and developing in them the right set of values is the essence of Bloomfield International School’s academic programmes, which help in their all-round development. The School’s comprehensive and flexible curriculum is designed to cater to children’s varied learning styles and needs.


The School’s academic programmes emphasize children’s intellectual growth, experiential learning, creative exploration, and emotional development, acquisition of social skills, physical well-being and character building. With the aim of providing an excellent educational experience to children, the School integrates the best practices in teaching and learning, and ensures that the curriculum is up-to-date, innovative and relevant.

The curriculum is designed keeping in perspective how children learn from foundational level of knowledge to higher levels and application areas, as they progress. Vertical integration of the curriculum ensures this progressive flow of knowledge from one grade level to the next. It is equally important that children acquire knowledge in an integrated way rather than learning various subjects and topics in isolation – this interdisciplinary learning is ensured through horizontal alignment of the curriculum, cutting across various subjects. In higher classes the inter-dependence of various subjects also becomes the focus of the curricular transactions.

The School’s curriculum and instructional strategies ensure that children enjoy their learning experiences and are motivated to work hard with discipline and a sense of responsibility, thereby enabling them to their full potential. It also develops a love of language and ability to express in varied forms, explore their artistic and creative interests and help them connect knowledge to real-world experiences and challenges. Use of innovative teaching methodologies and resources help instill scientific temper and rational approach in students. The curriculum also focuses on sensitizing children towards being respectful to others and cares for the environment. On the whole, the curriculum caters to children’s needs, aptitudes and interests, nurtures self-confidence and enables them to put in their best effort and excel.

The wide array of effective and varied assessment tools for continuous evaluation and comprehensive assessment of broad-based learning and behavioral outcomes makes the Assessment and Evaluation Model of the school unique. It assists in providing individualized academic support to children to address their learning gaps and enhance their strength areas. This unique approach helps children acquire knowledge and appreciate learning.