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Bloomfield is a special place to be as a community focused school

Bloomfield is a special place to be as a community focused school. We enable students to develop quality relationships with teachers and peers. Our school provides a significant range of learning and leadership opportunities for every student and at Bloomfield School we are able to cater for every student’s needs.
A most effective programme involving daily fitness, skills teaching during P.E. and weekly sport based activity is a feature of this school. All children are actively involved on a regular basis. The Sports Start programme is underway across the school which involves teaching skills based activities first which then lead into various games and sports. This is a well established approach to physical education.

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Individual Attention

Every one of our students is unique and special. We are a one-form entry school that favours personalised attention, with excellent coordination between the teaching staff and the department heads.. We analyse and accompany every one of our students throughout their school life in order to understand their needs, know their potential and stimulate their educational curiosity.
Academic Excellence: Our objective is to experience learning in a positive, balanced and complete way so that we can get the best out of our students. Our RESULTS vouch for our excellence.

Education in values

We educate for life and that is why, apart from teaching, we are an institution that is convinced that we must learn as a community in an environment of respect, solidarity and dialogue. Education in values has no timetable, as it is part of all subjects at any given time of the day. The school is the school of life where learning to get along and learning as a group complement the education the students receive at home.

Respecting and valuing others has a high priority, as has being honest, reliable and using good manners. We are trying to provide an attractive, clean and stimulating setting for our pupils in the belief that this will encourage a commitment to the positive forms of desirable behaviour, including learning behaviour. Each year we are trying to add further artistic features to our playground or buildings. We believe we are effective, pupils respect staff, each other and school property.

What is the most important thing one learns in school?

Self-esteem, support, & friendship.

  • Co-educational English medium international school
  • Smart classrooms which make learning fun.
  • Experienced & committed teachers with progressive outlook.
  • Information technology as an active tool of learning.
  • A stress-free & relaxed learning experience.
  • A secure campus with excellent green cover.
  • Regular Interaction between Parents & Teachers.
  • Library equipped with a wide range of books & other reading material.
  • Emphasis on overall development of a child’s personality through various initiatives like seminars, cultural programs, interactive learning & workshops.
  • Educational trips & adventure activities for students & teachers.
  • High tech computer labs as well as science lab.
  • Transport facility is available on all major routes.

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